About Us


About Us

Red Square is one of the leading interactive advertising agencies in Egypt. It was established in 2010 and within only seven years it became a real game changer with a clear fingerprint among a whole market. Its unique balanced blend of creative and competent products, covering a wide range of local and international clients is what distinguishes our agency.
Over the last seven years, Red Square had such a transforming impact in the fields of automotive, home appliances, real estate, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, communication, beauty and fashion industries. The great impact that Red Square left on companies and entire industries in Egypt paved the way for us to be well present in the international market. Today Red Square is engaged in planning, development, management, organization, implementation, evaluation, short term sales, experiential marketing and brand activation in Egypt, Germany, Dubai, Lebanon, Algeria and Sudan.
Our utmost goal is to constantly deliver first class quality services. We constantly work to get this goal achieved through our five basic values of teamwork, respect, commitment, motivation and fun-loving.







Our Mission

We nail down your dream project to make it visible, tangible and executable. Whatever the task is, whatever the obstacles are, whatever the target is, it’s accomplished.

Our Vision

To build up our name through releasing top notch outputs and establishing true partnership with our clients.

Our Philosophy

We produce elegance. Being the largest in the market is something yet, expanding and excelling through surpassing all quality standards is everything.



    First of all, i really want to thank you all for the great effort , and the best wedding exhibition ever Our Wedding Carnival, the best organization by Red Square Agency. Thanks for the amazing people Sherif Ashraf Dina Nour & Monica Nassif & all of you please tag the rest of the amazing team… Congratulations.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Marco Nagui

                                                                                                                                                                                         OWC Exhibitor

    Our Wedding Carnival
  • This is to confirm that today we received the 5 3D Mockup Bottles in good condition in Sudan – phewwwwww!
    Shukran to all involved in this hard work.​
    Shukran again for the support and looking forward to the next project
                                                                                                                                                                                   Wail Dagash
                                                                                                                                                                               Managing Director


    It has been an amazing  and vigorous work experience  working with Red Square on so many projects and initiatives. I am sure that each one of you knows, that I value our work partnership genuinely and above that I honor and  respect you as individuals that I trust and consider as friends, and were true back bone to me , never failing me and always there to raise quality flags and exemplary projects on anything we worked on together.

    Heba Shbana

    Marketing Manager



    I want to thank you a lovely event yesterday, a job that couldn’t be done without your great effort and dedication….I know that I can depend on Red Square always.

                                                                                                                                                                             Dr.Dina El Kayaly

                                                                                                                                      Head of Marketing & Market Research

    Geyushi Motors

    On behalf of Juhayna team I would like to Thank you all and all for your exerted efforts to help us achieve very successful activation for Juhayna Classic Summer Activations. You have been all very cooperative and promptly responded to all our inquires and requests in a very short period, managed to overcome all the obstacles we faced during the whole process since briefing till having this activation on-ground.
    Again, Thank you for all the efforts exerted, the activations was very successful and the materials were well developed and produced.

                                                                                                                                                                  Amr El Rfaei

    Assistant Team Leader – Activation

What We Do

RED SQUARE manages all aspects of interactive advertising including communication with superior solutions that are supported by its network of strategic alliances in the industry, skilled sub-contractors and its pool of complimentary service providers.

spearkerBrand Activation

eventEvents Management

socialDigital Marketing & Social Media Management

audio-and-videoAudio & Video Production

ebsiteDesign Studio

printingPrinted Solutions


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Corporate Identity
Fashion Show

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Our Crew

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    Sherif Ashraf

    Managing Director

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    Ahmad Hamed

    Creative Director

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    Monica Nassif

    Account Manager

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    Ramy Ashour

    Art Director

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    Aya Tarek

    Office Manager

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    Ahmad Ashraf

    Project Manager

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    Mohamed Samy

    Finance Manager

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Our crew comes from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines bringing together a large and diversified experience.

RED SQUARE Management Crew: Our management team has 15+ years collective experience in event management, and marketing, e-business, and much more of which was spent working in large corporations around the world and have a variety of value add skills in the following areas: Business and Marketing Consulting, Financial and Operational Skills, Sales and business development, Project Management.


124 Othman Ibn Affan, Al Matar, Qism El-Nozha



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